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Reader Reviews

"The 'Practical CM' book is great--you've done a very nice job of putting into common English what could potentially be drudgery." Lou DeSanzo

"It is written in simple sentences, and is clear to understand." Kaiser Saifudin

"I have just finished reading your book and enjoyed it a lot - if one can enjoy reading about CM." Susan Floyd

"Your book may become a more useful tool than the handbook & military interface standards that are being developed by the Department of Defense." Dave Young

"The book authored by Mr. Dave Lyon is worthwhile reading. I have a softbound copy and have used it often as a source of information and suggestion." Wade Sanders

"I read it, and I’m a better person for it."  Karl Kremeyer

"Your book is very good for implementing CM."  Dennis Sutch

"The text is great. A simple straightforward approach, and explanations  that are easily understood."  Pete Bahr
"I reviewed the book this morning and it looks like it will be a big help. Thanks for doing the hard work and suffering the pain." Norm Wolstein

"I spend $ out of my own pocket to purchase the book and I believe that it was a good investment."  Patrick Binckly

"I appreciated your book. Your book appears to provide a good track to follow when/if I get the opportunity to automate." Chris Hogg

"Practical CM helped me to set up a non bureaucratic electronic CM system for a very small aerospace company." Rob Roy

"David D. Lyon's Practical CM, Best Configuration Management Practices contains a cd which includes all the templates needed to start-up,up-grade, and maintain a good value added CM environment." Wayne Adams

"This is an excellent book! Very helpful!" Shereen Husk

"I'm very interested in obtaining more copies of your book for my department. I have found your book to be extremely helpful." Tonya Santini

"Your book was the best source on CM and far and away the best written in regards to terminology, information, and format of all the source documents and articles I have read. I know it will be an invaluable tool for me and it will be on my desk daily." Brett Oxley

"The book is very well done. Both my partner and I are very impressed and hope to apply many of the principles to a large project for which we are currently in negotiation." Henry Vandelinde

"Thank you very much for the very interesting and helpful book you  have written. From our point of view, there is really not much  literature available other than that of software configuration  management, and quite many of those are not useful for other disciplines. Especially the CM-related part of your book was most helpful and informative. Your work  for putting PDM into the right scope, a tool for implementing CM, was very enjoyable to read."  Juho Nikkola

"Thanks for your help. Your text is very useful."   Jean Vlieghe
"Your books are very good."  Lee Marshall

"I received your book a couple of weeks ago and have found it very interesting that most of CM practices that you describe in your book are what I have set up for the company that I work for. It has been very helpful to me to have as a reference."  Richard Potter

"Your text book has proven a very easy and enjoyable read so far. Although I am far, far from envisioning an electronic PDM, I am still referring to your text for a baseline understanding for the "manual" CM incorporation." Gerald Yedynak

"I like your pragmatic approach, both in contents and also language." Klaus Jung

"On first review, looks like you provide a great conceptual introduction to this domain for the "newbie" to be tasked and trained in this realm." William Turgeon