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Dave Lyon founded the Raven Publishing Company in 1996. He had recently written a new book, 'Practical CM: Best Configuration Management Practices for the 21st Century’, which was being published by Butterworth Heinemann, a member of the Reed Elsevier publishing group.

The purpose of this book was to provide detailed descriptions of the latest ‘best practices’ for the Configuration Management discipline and to delineate specific procedures for implementing these ‘best practices’ via automated Product Data Management (PDM) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems. Much of Dave’s thirty- nine (39) years as an engineer in industry was dedicated to this area of interest. He had been responsible for the planning, implementation and integration of one of the first successful PDM systems in a major corporation in the United States.

The book was well received both domestically and internationally. Sales were impressive. However, things were changing fast in the technological areas which drove the designs of automated PDM and PLM systems and their interfaces with hardware and software design tools. The current publishers would not permit updates to the book on a yearly basis, so Dave established the Raven Publishing Company in order to be able to provide yearly updates to this book and those to follow and to continue his research into this field.

This endeavor worked out well for both Dave and his readers, since their feedback culminated in a spiral bound text, easy to read, with pages that lie flat for reference and later the publication of paperback and hard cover versions. It also  provided the capability for Dave to incorporate numerous timely updates and expansion of information as it became available. The current version of this book, 'Practical CM III: Best Configuration Management Practices for the 21st Century', is being used in several colleges as the required text for courses on Configuration Management in the United States and Europe.

Dave is dedicated to assuring the availability of Configuration Management information and 'best practice' methodology to current and future generations of Configuration Management and Project/Program Management personnel.


Dave holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Hartford. He has worked in industry (General Electric, Lockheed Martin, and United Technologies) for thirty-nine years, primarily in the fields of Project Engineering and Configuration Management (CM). He has served as the Lead Configuration and Project Engineer responsible for several large projects in the defense, space and commercial product areas. Since leaving industry, Mr. Lyon has spent the past 19 years writing books and teaching seminars on Configuration Management throughout North America and Europe.

Dave's Configuration Management processes have provided the basis for the implementation of Product Data Management (PDM) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems in several major corporations. He was responsible for facility wide training in configuration and data management systems and procedures, and has provided hands-on training for PDM/PLM users, including CCB members, design engineers, drafting, manufacturing and quality assurance personnel, field engineers, customers, CM personnel, project engineers, and program managers.

While at General Electric and Lockheed Martin, Dave developed the four state level of control system model, a powerful methodology for integrating Configuration Management with engineering development, manufacturing and quality assurance activities. His duties during his 22 years at GE and LM included Lead Configuration Management Engineer and Project/Program Engineer for the Polaris, Poseiden and Trident submarine guidance and fire control programs.

Prior to joining General Electric, Dave was a project engineer for the United Technologies Corporation, where he was responsible for proposal development, system design and test for several large engineering development programs, including the Lunar Lander, Mars Viking Spacecraft, CH53 Helicopter, and several commercial product programs.

Dave is the author of the outstanding new CM text, ‘Practical CM III: Best Configuration Management Practices for the 21st Century', 'Transparent CM: How to Get There', the CM community's all time favorite - 'Practical CM: Best Configuration Management Practices for the 21st Century', and 'Practical Project: Guidelines for Project Engineers and Program Management Personnel'

Dave currently provides seminars and consulting services to clients throughout North America and Europe engaged in the transition from manual CM systems to automated CM systems.

Please feel free to contact the Raven Publishing Company via email or telephone with any questions or comments.

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