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Configuration Management Books, Training Courses, Seminars, and Consulting Services, by David Douglas Lyon, the international CM community's leading authority


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  • Configuration Management "Best Practices" - How to get there
  • Hardware and Software Configuration Management systems
  • Hardware and Software Configuration Management plans
  • PDM/PLM systems automation for your 'Best CM Practices'
  • Configuration Management databases
  • Configuration Management tools
  • ITIL/CMMi compliant CM processes

These books contain the latest and best CM and PDM/PLM system information plus the "best CM practices" methodologies available and currently in use by individuals, businesses, military organizations, and government agencies worldwide.

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"Practical CM III" and "Transparent CM" are the CM and business communities' recognized guides for the establishment of "best CM practices". They include "how-to" information for the evaluation, integration and implementation of the right PDM/PLM system necessary to automate the "best CM practices" for your unique business environment. "Practical CM III" Includes 'Lessons Learned' during the implementation and integration of the first major PLM sysyem in the US at Lockheed Martin.

'Practical CM III: Best Configuration Management  Practices for the 21st Century' - Practical CM III (PCM III) is currently being used as the designated text for college level   courses on Hardware and Software Configuration Management in the US and Europe.

PCM III covers Hardware and Software basic and advanced Configuration Management processes and describes detailed steps for the selection, installation, and integration of PDM/PLM systems. It provides "best CM practices" for the 21st Century.

Author's note: I believe that you will find PCM III to be a valuable guide for basic and advanced Hardware and Software Configuration Management instruction. It includes several new topics and tips that will help you do your  CM job better and establish 'best Configuration Management practices' in your organization

This book includes a CM Templates CD whch contains all  templates needed to start-up, up-grade, and maintain an effective, value-added CM environment. 

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ISBN 978-0-9661248-8-0  (paperback) - 7" X 10", 305 pages, 1.5 lb $65.00 (normal retail price)

Sale Price: $32.50

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'Transparent CM' - The much anticipated sequel to 'Practical CM' (the Configuration Management community's favorite guide to 'Best CM Practices for the 21st Century") - 'Transparent CM' captures the interactive workshop phase of Mr. Lyon's seminars and describes a step-by-step process for transforming your current Configuration Management activities into ‘best Configuration Management practices’ tailored specifically for your business environment.

See first hand how Mr. Lyon utilizes your newly established ‘best Configuration Management practices’ as the basis for conducting a Product Lifecycle Management/Product Data Management (PLM/PDM) System Requirements Analysis and for generating a customized PLM/PDM System Requirements Specification.

Learn about the role your PLM/PDM System Requirements Specification plays in the evaluation and selection of the most appropriate Configuration Management tool to satisfy your business’ unique Configuration Management process requirements.
Follow the step-by-step methodology presented in this revealing text and be assured that you will attain your goal of establishing the most efficient and effective automated Configuration Management system for your specific business environment and not become a slave to the wrong Configuration Management tool.

Third Edition - ISBN: 978-1-4505639-3-2 Paperback - 7" X 10", 222 Pages, 1.5 lb, $55.00 (normal retail price)

                  Sale Price: $27.50

S&H is $6.00 per book for customers in North America. Contact the Raven Publishing Company* for International S&H charges

Configuration management Training & seminars

Basic and Advanced Hardware and Software Configuration Management Training Courses and Seminars (plus Configuration Management refresher courses) for both your Configuration Management personnel and your Management staff

For presentation ON-SITE AT YOUR FACILITY by Dave Lyon anywhere in the U.S. and Canada plus some countries in Europe

These configuration management training courses and seminars are tailored to your specific business activities

Save over 50% compared to 'public' CM training courses and seminars

Among Mr. Lyon's clients: Pentagon, Military bases (US/Europe), Business and Industry (US/Canada/Europe), Colleges (US/Europe), Government agencies (US)

Comment from a customer seminar coordinator:  "I am very pleased to comunicate to you that all the attendees to your seminar are very happy and they have told me that it was very helpful." - Director of Training - Navantia shipyard, Ferrol, Spain.

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Hardware and Software Configuration Management consulting services    


ON-SITE survey and recommendations presentation by Dave Lyon at your facility anywhere in the U.S. and Canada

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