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If you want to have the latest and best CM and PLM system information plus the "best CM practices" methodology available and currently in use by individuals, businesses, military organisations, and government agencies worldwide, then this is your source!


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"Practical CM III" and "Transparent CM" are the CM and business communities' recognized guides for the establishment of "best CM practices". They include all of the "how-to" information for the evaluation, integration and implementation of the right PLM system necessary to automate the "best CM practices" for your unique busines environment. "Practical CM III" includes“Lessons Learned” during the implementation and integration of the first major PLM system in the US at Lockheed Martin.

Achieve your business CONTROL - COMPLIANCE - COST goals:

Get control of your operating costs

Understand the Configuration Management discipline

Learn Basic and Advanced Configuration Management processes

Establish 'Best Configuration Management Practices' in your organization

Generate Configuration Management Plans for your product line(s) and for your organization

Establish Configuration Management processes that comply with CMMi & ITIL guidelines & initiatives

Select and implement the right Configuration Management Tool or PLM system to automate your 'Best CM Practices'

Establish & maintain control of your engineering hardware & software development activities

Improve Communications - internal organizations, subcontractors, vendors, customers

Gain insight into the current activities of the international CM community

Understand how to employ the latest risk mitigation techniques

Enhance process control and productivity


The Raven Publishing Company is pleased to offer the third and most comprehensive book of the Configuration Management Trilogy:


'Practical CM III: Best Configuration Management Practices for the 21st Century'

David D. Lyon

One of the most widely recognized and trusted names in Configuration Management

Practical CM III (PCM III) is currently being used as the designated text for college level courses on Configuration Management in the US and Europe.


     PCM III covers Hardware CM,  Software CM  and  PLM    It contains the latest PLM Solutions for the 21st Century.


        Second Edition (March 2008) - Updated for 2014

        This book includes CM Templates CD - Available only on this site

        ISBN: 978-0-9661248-8-0    (paperback) - 7" X 10", 305 pages, 1.5 lb, $65.00

Sale Price: $32.50

        ISBN: 978-0-9817445-0-6     (hard cover) - 7" X 10", 305 pages, 1.6 lbs, $75.00

S&H is $6.00 per book for customers in North America. Contact Raven Publishing Company*for International S&H charges. 

Author's note: I believe that you will find PCM III to be a valuable guide for basic and advanced Configuration Management instruction. It includes several new topics and tips that will help you do your job better and establish 'best Configuration Management practices' in your organization - Dave Lyon

If you invest in only one book on the subject of Configuration Management this year, this is your best value.


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Introducing an entirely new dimension in state of the art technology and methodology for the Configuration Management discipline - an exciting new book for the Configuration Management Professional:


The second book of the Configuration Management trilogy:

'Transparent CM: How to Get There'

Contains the latest PDM and PLM Solutions for the 21st Century

by David D. Lyon

The much anticipated sequel to 'Practical CM' -  the Configuration Management community's favorite guide to 'Best CM Practices for the 21st Century"

        Third Edition - ISBN: 9781450563932

        Published January, 2010   Updated for 2014

        ISBN: 978-1-4505639-3-2 Paperback - 7" X 10", 222 pages, 1.5 lb, $55.00

Sale Price: $27.50

S&H is $6.00 per book for customers in North America. Contact Raven Publishing Company* for International S&H charges.

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Configuration Management Training Courses and Seminars


Basic and Advanced Configuration Management Training Courses and Seminars (plus Configuration Management refresher courses) for both your Configuration Management personnel and your Management staff

For presentation ON-SITE AT YOUR FACILITY by Dave Lyon anywhere in the U.S. and Canada plus some countries in Europe

These configuration management training courses and seminars are tailored to your specific business activities

Save over 50% compared to 'public' CM training courses and seminars

Among Mr. Lyon's clients: Pentagon, Military bases (US/Europe), Business and Industry (US/Canada/Europe), Colleges (US/Europe), Government agencies (US)


Comment from a customer seminar coordinator:  I am very pleased to comunicate to you that all the attendees to your seminar are very happy and they have told me that it was very helpful. - Director of Training - Navantia shipyard, Ferrol, Spain.

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Configuration Management Consulting Services

ON-SITE survey and recommendations presentation by Dave Lyon at your facility anywhere in the U.S. and Canada

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Transparent CM


Table of Contents



1. Configuration Management - The Discipline 


Definition of Configuration Management


CM Discipline Evolution   


CM Role in Today's Business Environment


CM Impact on Product Life Cycle


Changing CM Roles and Responsibilities


Four State Level of Control System Model and 'Best CM Practices'


What is Transparent CM?


How Do We Get There?

2. Transition From Current CM Practices to ‘Best CM Practices’


CM/PDM Control Center


Current CM Practice Identification 

   "Storyboard" Workshop


‘Best CM Practices’ Identification


CM Process Flowcharts


‘Best CM Practices’ Summary

3. PDM System Requirements Analysis


PLM System Requirements Traceability Matrix

4. PLM System Requirements Specification


Project Schedule


Project Team


Project Engineer


Project Team Members


Data Model


Attribute Listings




PLM Implementation Strategy


PLM Implementation and Integration


     Phase 1


            Digital Design File Checkin/Checkout


     Phase 2


            Document View


            Document Markup


            Document Raster Edit


            Document Distribution


            Backfile Conversion


            On-Line CCBs


     Phase 3


            Integrate Hardware Design Tools


            Institutionalize Work In Progress


            Integrate Strategic Business Systems


            Integrate Office Tools


            As-Built Process


    Phase 4


            Integrate Software Design Tools


Verification of Functionality


Acceptance Test


Program Integration












User/Data Security


Networks - IT Roles and Responsibilities


E-Commerce Functionality


Statement of Work


PLM System Administration


PLM Functionality Requirements Checklist


PLM System Requirements Traceability Matrix

5. PLM Tool & Vendor Evaluation & Selection Process Planning


Market Analysis


PLM Tool and Vendor Evaluation


Vendor Demonstration


Hands-on Evaluation


Third Party Tools


Tool Customization and Integration Houses




PLM Tool/Support Procurement


Phased Procurements


Licensing Provisions


Types of Licenses


Licensing Costs


Long Term Support

6. Automated CM


Four State Level of Control System Model


Design Review #1


Designer State


Design Review #2


Design Internal State


Design Review #3


Formal Internal State


Design Review #4


External State

7. Transparent CM


Four State Level of Control System Model


Design Review #1


Designer State


Design Review #2


Design Internal State


Design Review #3


Formal Internal State


Design Review #4


External State

8. People in the Process




Attitudes - How to Change


Matching CM Needs to Organization Needs & Business Objectives


Overcoming Manual CM Process Mindset


Relationship Between Configuration Management and Project Management


Appendix A - CM Template Set

Tailoring and Planning Template

Configuration Identification Template

Configuration Control Template

Configuration Status Accounting Template

Configuration Audits Template

Transition to Production Template

Production and Support Template

Software and Firmware Template

Problems and Resolutions Template

Automatd CM Template


Appendix B: Best CM Practices


Impact of Military Standards on CM


Configuration Management Requirements Tailoring and Negotiation


Configuration Management Program Planning


Configuration Management Plans


Configuration Identification


    * Configuration Baselines


    * Configuration Items


    * Serialization


    * Part Marking


    * Documentation Levels


    * Technical Data Package


Configuration Control


    * Configuration Control Boards


    * Problem Identification and Resolution


    * Change Proposals


    * Change Approval


    * Design Update


    * Change Implementation


Configuration Status Accounting


    * Data Capture


    * Data Processing


    * Data Reporting


Configuration Audits


    * Functional Configuration Audits


    * Physical Configuration Audits


    * Configuration Verification Audits


Configuration Control of Software and Firmware


CM Metrics


CM Practitioner Certification

Appendix C: The CM Plan




Generic CMP vs Program-Unique CMP


CM Plans vs CM Procedures


CMP Template


CMP Length


CM Requirements Tailoring and Planning


Communication With Engineering


Obtaining "Buy-In"


Roles and Responsibilities


Checklists and Templates


Military Standards and Commercial Standards


Risk Management


Configuration Control Boards


    *Internal CCBs


    *External CCBs


CM Processes


Automated CM